RAUL BERGESCH - INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRM a company headquartered at Rua Afonso Pena, 80, 5th Floor, Centro, Sapiranga/RS, CEP 93800-246, enrolled in the CNPJ under No. 29.227.770/0001-53, is committed to respecting the privacy of its users, as well as the protection and security of their personal data.

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") aims to clarify what information is collected from users of our websites and how this data is treated.

In order to offer information to its clients, the RAUL BERGESCH - INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRMthrough its websites, collects various data and information, aiming, above all, to provide a better experience for you.

A RAUL BERGESCH - INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRM recognizes that your privacy is very important, therefore, we take all possible measures, within the best practices and existing solutions, to protect it. In this sense, this Policy aims to inform you how your personal data will be treated.

This document is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Usewhich contains information about the use, disclaimers and limitations of liability with respect to the use of the RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA.

This Policy has been written in a simple and accessible manner, precisely so that you can read it and understand how we use your data to provide a safe and comfortable experience when using our informational content.

Acceptance of this Policy will be considered formalized at the moment you enter your information or register on our websites to enjoy the informative content offered by RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA, even if free of charge. 

This will indicate that you are aware of and in full agreement with how we will use your information and data.

If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not continue your registration procedure in order to view the informative content made available by RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA .

However, we kindly ask you to inform RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA about your possible disagreement so that we can use your grounds to evaluate the revision of this Policy.

This Policy is divided as follows for ease of understanding:



Any questions regarding this Policy may be clarified by contacting us at indicating as subject "XXX - Privacy of personal data".


Information provided by you - From the information provided by you when filling out the forms available on our websites, raul bergesch - sociedade individual de advocacia RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA will collect personal identification information, such as name, email and telephone number. Eventually, the request for other information may be made through direct contact by RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA with users, either in person or via e-mail or telephone.

Website navigation information - When you access our websites, a cookie may be installed in your browser to identify how often you return to our address. This may collect information such as your IP address, geographical location, referral source, browser type, length of visit and pages visited. For further information please see our Cookie Policy.

Contact History - A RAUL BERGESCH - INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRM stores information regarding all contacts already made with our users, such as personal, telephone or e-mail interactions.


All data collected are used to provide informative content, and your privacy is respected. Therefore, all data and information about you will be treated as confidential, and only used for the purposes described and authorized by you, mainly so that you can use our informative content fully, always aiming to improve your user experience. In this way, we will be able to personalize the contents to adapt them, more and more, to your preferences and interests. In addition, your data may also be used to create and offer new services, products and features.

Occasionally, we may use data for purposes not foreseen in this Policy, but which are within your legitimate expectations. The possible use of your data for purposes that do not comply with this prerogative will be made upon authorization that we will request from you in advance.


Without prejudice to item 4 below, access to your personal information will be restricted only to RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIAand among them, only those with specific internal authorizations to do so. Eventually, if the insertion of your information takes place in actions created in partnerships, the explicitly identified partners will also have access to the information. Unless otherwise provided by law, no personal data may be publicly disclosed without your prior express authorization.

All your data is confidential and any use of such data will be in accordance with the Act and this Policy. A RAUL BERGESCH - INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRM will undertake all reasonable market efforts to ensure the security of our systems and, consequently, your personal data.

All your information will be, whenever possible, encrypted, if it does not prevent its use by RAUL BERGESCH - INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRM.

Among other rights provided by law, upon request and at any time, you may have access to your personal data stored in our systems.

The RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA will keep your personal data and information only until they are necessary or relevant for the purposes described in this Policy, or in case of periods pre-determined by Law, or until they are necessary for the maintenance of legitimate interests of RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIAunder the terms of the Law.


TheRAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA may share your personal data with partners, or third parties, as reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy and for the proper provision of our services.

The RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA reserves the right to provide you with data and information about you, including interactions between you and RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA, if required to do so by law, as necessary to comply with national laws, or if you expressly consent.


To ensure the protection of your data, we use technical and administrative security measures in order to avoid unauthorised access and accidental and/or illicit situations of manipulation, loss, destruction and/or alteration of said data.

The security measures are continuously improved and adapted according to the update of the applicable technology, and the best market practices are observed in this respect.

All your information will, where possible, be encrypted, where this does not make it unfeasible to use it for the purposes set out herein.


You can exercise your rights in relation to the personal data we process:

  1. confirmation of the existence of treatment;
  2. access to data;
  3. correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  4. anonymisation, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data 
  5. portability of data to another service or product provider upon express request, in accordance with the regulations of the national authority, respecting commercial and industrial secrets;     
  6. erasure of personal data processed with the consent of the data subject;
  7. information from public and private entities with which the controller has shared data use;
  8. information about the possibility of not giving consent and the consequences of refusal; and
  9. revocation of consent.
  10. automated decision review

Data subjects may exercise their rights by written communication sent to: indicating with the subject: "Subject - Data subject's rights" specifying:

  • Full name, CPF number and e-mail address and, if applicable, of your representative;
  • Right you wish to exercise;
  • Date of application and signature of the holder;
  • Any document that can demonstrate or justify the exercise of your right.

To meet your rights, we need the above data to confirm that the person exercising these rights is in fact you or a person who is authorised to act on your behalf.

Please note that rights are not absolute and do not always apply in all cases, but we will always do all we can to honour your rights under applicable data protection laws.


You can choose not to receive any further e-mails from RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIAexcept for e-mails that are essential for the continuity of our services or even those that, due to legal or regulatory obligation, raul bergesch - sociedade individual de advocacia RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA needs to send to its users.

In all the e-mails we send there is always a link to request the cancellation of your registration, which will be available in the last lines of the e-mails. By clicking on this link you will be automatically unsubscribed from the contact list.

It is important to mention that filling out any form or making any kind of registration again will characterize the reinsertion of your e-mail to the contact list of RAUL BERGESCH - SOCIEDADE INDIVIDUAL DE ADVOCACIA. Therefore, the cancellation request must be made again if it is of your interest.

All data collected will be deleted from our servers when you so request or when they are no longer necessary or relevant to offer you Product and Services, unless there is any other reason for its maintenance, such as any legal obligation to retain data or need to preserve them to protect the rights of RAUL BERGESCH - INDIVIDUAL LAW FIRM. To change your personal information or delete it from our database, simply send an e-mail to


This Policy may be updated from time to time. We therefore recommend that you visit this page periodically so that you are aware of any changes. If any relevant changes are made that require further consent from you, we will make the new privacy policy publicly available.

This Policy was last modified on 12 August 2021.


You also have the right to petition the National Data Protection Authority, the authority responsible for ensuring respect for the rights of personal data subjects in Brazil and overseeing compliance with the General Law on Personal Data Protection (Law No. 13,709/18 or LGPD). Access at: