How to open a business in Brazil 2024?

Bergesch lawyers will tell you all about how to open a business in brazil.

If you’re an international entrepreneur, you probably know that Brazil is a big opportunity for successful business. But the thing is, do you know how to open a business in Brazil? 

As a specialized corporate law office, we have everything you need so you can know about that, and all services to help you open your business are here.

So, to give more information about it, we prepared this content with important information about how to open a business in Brazil.

We´re going to talk about some topics, such as:

  • First step to open a business in Brazil;
  • How to open a business here;
  • Opportunities for business in Brazil. 

Come with us to check all this information! 

First step to open a business in Brazil

First things first, there’s a very important step that you need to follow in order to open a business here.

This step is to have assistance from a specialized office. 

Actually, to open a business in Brazil you’re obligated to have a lawyer, to sign the company’s contract.

So, beyond being an obligation, it’s very recommended for you to have lawyers who are specialized in corporate law to help you.

Here in Brazil, the document required to open a company is called a social contract. 

In this document you’ll have most of the information and rules for this business.

So, it’s an important document that has to be made by specialized professionals.

Only them can assure that you won’t have problems in the future. 

Also, there are different types of companies here, so the lawyer is the one who can give you the best option for what you need. 


The other professional that you’ll need is an accountant, to take care of the accounting of the company. 

You may not know, but Brazil has one of the most complicated tax systems in the world.

So, you need this professional to give you the right orientation about how to make the best choices in this tax system.

Along with that, this professional will be responsible for taking care of the company monthly. 

How can you open a business here

Here in Brazil, there’s no problem for a foreigner to open a business, even if he doesn’t live in the country.

Even so, there are some little rules to follow. 

First, to get the visa as an investor here in Brazil you have to invest at least R$ 150,000.00 and contract Brazilian employees. 

But, if you’re not looking for a visa, you can still invest in Brazil by opening a business.

The first thing, as we mentioned before, you have to find a lawyer and an accountant for the company.

Besides that, you’ll have to register yourself in the Internal Revenue Service, to get a CPF number, which is like the social security number. 

Along with that, you’ll have to register yourself in the Central Bank (BACEN), through an Electronic Declaratory Registration.

Also, if you don’t live in Brazil, you’ll need to have a representative agent here. 

After that, the professional you hired here will be able to go on with all the procedures to open the company, that will be registered on an official government organization, 

Opportunities for business in Brazil

Bergesch lawyers will tell you all about how to open a business in brazil.

Brazil is a paradise for new business, even more when it comes from outside ideas. 

For example, technology here in Brazil is still in baby steps, so it has a lot of work fields for new entrepreneurs.

Agriculture is also a strong sector, moving billions of dollars, and has a lot of opportunities for innovation, for example. 

Some say that Brazil will be the food bank of the world in the future, so it’s a great opportunity for business.

Other areas that you can explore are the cosmetics industry, natural foods and environment. 

Believe it or not, Brazil is one of the best countries to invest in new business. 

And if you want to open your own business here, get in touch with us.

We’re an office specialized in corporate law and we already work with opening business for foreigners.

Get in touch with us to know more about our job and how we can help you. 

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